Javiera Mena’s “Que Me Lleve La Noche” Video is a Retro-Futuristic Acid Trip

On “Que Me Tome La Noche,” Javiera Mena returns to the Technicolor fantasies that characterized the first two videos off her latest album –  after a brief detour into monochrome for “Otra Era.”

While lyric videos tend to be quite boring, this one, directed by David Domingo, is a fantastic, retro-futuristic adventure, starring 3D renders of faceless people looking for love (who also happen to be great dancers). Mena only appears in the form of postcards on a stand, but her voice fills it all, while the song lyrics show up on the screen in interesting shapes. This is a neon 3D animation that also feels like it comes from otra era.

Check out La Javi at Festival Marvin in May.