Lima Duo Laikamorí Keep It Cryptic in Video for Electro-Pop Single “Norfolk”

Little is known about Peruvian band Laikamorí. There are no hints about who they are, not on their album cover, nor on their press pics, and certainly not on their brand new music video for their track “Norfolk.”

The song opens their EP oddly titled °°°°°°°, and it’s a bizarre electronic pop number with an organ riff that runs through practically its whole four minutes. The video, made by Nahun Saldaña Macedo, shows a little kid who dresses up as a soldier with gear he found under the dirt, who later runs away from an disturbing dark presence with diamond-like stones on its face. It chases the kid, while we hear the heavily processed vocals that makes the whole thing weirder, until he finally catches him. It is a little unsettling, but the cheerfulness of the song makes things lighter.

°°°°°°° is out now on Hype Records Perú.