Las Hermanas Provides the Hip-Hop Spookiness in “XVI” Video

Think of Las Hermanas as the Colombian María y José, in a sense. The latter is really just one guy, Tony Gallardo, who programs and samples all of his tunes. Las Hermanas is also just one guy, Diego Cuéllar, who also programs and samples everything. Cuéllar, however, is all about dark tunes influenced by hip-hop and creepy movie soundtracks, thanks to his love for Dilla and Stones Throw Records.

Case in point: “XVI.” The song/video starts dramatically as strings and a vocal chorus spring out of the speakers as a dying (?) man’s hand grabs a woman’s arm. She and another woman steps out of a vehicle to help her move his body. The music takes a sharp turn as a piano lick loops over a beat and the women drive off. Maybe dude watched David Lynch’s Lost Highway too many times recently.