Indie Pop Band Lawall is Looking For Steven, in Case You’ve Seen Him

Who is Steven? This is the question that lingers when the song named after him ends. Is he a friend of the songwriter who literally disappears at sea? Or is he just a metaphor for someone who’s long gone but still alive? These questions remain unanswered on the very first single from Mexican indie pop band Lawall.

Endorsed by Rock Juvenil and Artney Music, the video for “Steven” pans between natural and city landscapes, as the lead singer grabs the camera and sings directly to it. There’s a sense of agitation during the whole process, a way of dealing with loss softly and personally through music. The song itself is really catchy, displaying the group’s indie pop sensibilities despite the seriousness of remembering someone who may never come back.

Lawall is currently working on their debut album, La playa de los 90, due later this year.