Los Mundos’ Video Ode to Huracán Ramírez Shows a Darker Side of the Duo

Los Mundos‘ latest effort, Dios es Fuzz, was released five months ago, and it shows a heavier, slightly darker side of the duo. Maybe it has a little to do with band member Alejandro Eliozondo being recently involved in the production of records by fellow Abstrakt Muzak label mates Mentira Mentira and Vladimir. Or maybe not. Anyway, they now posted a music video for “Huracán Ramírez,” their ode to the Mexican wrestler, and it’s full of violence.

Directed by Sefárdico, with help from Gus Goose, the video shows a mean-looking man in a leather jacket who chases some neighborhood characters with a big chain. That is until one of them doesn’t let him get his way and teaches him a lesson in a testicle-squeezing surprise ending.

Dios es Fuzz is still available on vinyl on Abstrakt Muzak.