Watch Meridian Brothers’ Trippy Animated Video Ahead of their Festival NRMAL Appearance

Festival NRMAL is coming, you guys! And with it comes the arrival of the Meridian Brothers to Aztec soil. A little over a month before their show on the festival, the Colombian combo shared the music video for their track “Doctor Trompeta,” included in their latest album, Salvadora Robot.

The video, made by Alpaca Animations, Martine Rademakers, and David Lamain, shows the adventures of a little hairy moustached buddy with a saucepan on his head, like a very bizarre Prince of Persia interpretation. He explores and fights against cacti, carnivore plants, and other villains, in a trippy animation style that looks like it was drawn using markers on quadrille paper. It’s a quite fitting companion to their psychedelic cumbia sounds.