MKRNI’s “Dime Que Sí” Video is Like a Surreal Episode of ‘Girls’

MKRNI’s romantic, 80s pop changes tone with the video for “Dime Que Sí,” their most recent single from Canciones.

With her usual poise, Elisita Punto sings “más que un recuerdo, es nuestra historia,” while the image-obsessed girl in the video creates her own narrative through instagram pictures and Photobooth sessions, dressing up as the typical solitary Tumblr character. She even has a name to match the attitude: @trixiebabbby.

The girl finds comfort in this moment, but what happens before or after remains a mystery. The cinematic qualities of MKRNI’s music are well-employed in this video, one that thwarts the typical love story we may have expected, and instead explores the possibilities of creating ourselves through our internet personas. It’s the perk and the problem of modern living.