Cruise Around San José with Monte’s Anthem for the City’s Revitalization

Over the past two decades, songs about Costa Rica’s capital San José often describe it as dirty and dangerous place, inciting fear and suspicion. Rather than giving into this paranoia, isn’t it possible that the city could be celebrated, too?

Monte apparently think so. With its vibrant, eclectic structure, the song that carries the name of the capital feels not only like an instant hit, but the perfect anthem for the revitalization that San José has gone through the last five years. This revival of our city is happening through cultural infrastructure projects, and some are even saying that San José could be the next Santiago.

The single will be released as a 45”, their first work through Clap Clap Records. With Florian Droids’ Pablo Carballo now part of their lineup, Monte is expecting to release a new EP before their appearance in Mexico City’s Festival Nrmal 2015.

Hit play button and cruise around some of San José’s landmarks along with Simón Flores, one of Costa Rica’s first pro skaters.