Teenage Catalans Mourn Channel Their Inner PJ Harvey On “Your Brain Is Made Of Candy”

Mourn join the ever-growing list of Spanish artists who perform songs in English, right there along with Polock, Bigott, and Hinds. They do it just as well as any of them, a fact made shocking when you learn that every member in the band is still a teenager. Of the four, only one wouldn’t be allowed to vote in the USA if they were citizens. Crazy!

The quartet has already made its stateside debut musically thanks to Captured Tracks with “Your Brain Is Made Of Candy” serving as their third and latest video. It’s a fun and imaginative ode to zombies written by singer Jazz Rodriguez Bueno while she was bored in class (some of the members are still in the Spanish equivalent of high school). Even crazier!

Mourn will make its US concert debut with a handful of shows next month.