Indie Rockers Protistas Drop a Heartbreaking New Video for “Mi Familia”

Chilean indie rockers Protistas continue promoting their excellent latest effort, Nefertiti (2014, Quemasucabeza) with a new music video for their song “Mi Familia,” and it is heartbreaking.

The song itself reads like a story about loss and having a sick relative, and the music video, directed by Rodrigo Susarte and Sebastián Escalona, shows images of a family spending a Sunday afternoon together. Two little girls play with their grandparents, who look rather ill, while the gloomy-looking father hangs a piñata and floats on the pool. There is also footage of the band burning things in a pot, looking like some sort of cleansing. The festiveness of the music and its Latin percussion clash with the sadness of the lyrics and the visuals, but nothing seems out of place.