Watch Sister Mantos Solemn Sci-Fi Video for “Fin del Mundo”

LA by-way-of El Salvador’s psychedelic electro-pop outfit Sister Mantos’ latest video for “Fin del Mundo” off their release UNK takes us on a futuristic sci-fi adventure. The video, featuring an all-POC crew and cast, shows the protagonist watching earth from a floating space station, calmly repeating a foreboding prediction, “dicen que el mundo/se va a acabar.”

Rather than relying on end of the world flick tropes to indicate what’s to come, the video spot shows a man with a guitar across his back wandering roadways and desert scenes, showing some awareness of his imminent fate while an intergalactic observer looks on and tweaks the scenario through encrypted screens and photographs.

Using the self-proclaimed “Brown Futurism” rooted video spot as the visual vehicle, the singer calmly croons through a subversively infectious wish list for the new age: an end of capitalism, bombs, homophobia, sexism, and racism to the tune of a lounging disco punk track.

Head over to the Sister Mantos’ Bandcamp page to pick up their 7-track album UNK.