Sunsplash’s “Chimes” Video Captures Caracas in All Its Contradictory Beauty

Earlier this year, Venezuelan producer Alberto Stangarone released 13, his latest EP under the Sunsplash moniker. Though it mostly showcases his flavorful take on tropical bass, R&B, and pop, closing track “Chimes” stood out for its more experimental edge. The song, a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Figueira, is a relaxing five-and-a-half-minute number that leans more towards ambient – a symbiotic union of synthetic and organic sounds.

Stangarone just released a stunning set of visuals to complement an extract of the song. The video is a collage of visual postcards of different areas of Caracas, mostly centered on the east side, put together by Joseph Andrew Ramírez (originally for the A&B-produced short film Testigo Silente).

In the video, Caracas’ contradictory nature is on full display, in the contrast between the natural and the urban, between the big buildings and the slums. The end result is ripe for nostalgia. For those who flee the city, like Stangarone himself, it’s a nostalgic reminder of what they left behind; and for those still living in the city, it condenses a beauty that’s hard to notice in everyday life.