VFRO Closes Out the Year of the Booty with “Yela Yela Yela” Video

To close the official Year of the Booty, VFRO just released his music video for the VIP version of his track “Yela Yela Yela.” The producer featured on our Five Up-And-Coming Artists From Venezuela’s Electronic Music Scene list released the original version of this song on his COMBO EP earlier this year through Cocobass, but he decided to go with this remix for the video, which is just as massive.

Directors Elvira Blanco and Clarissa Quintero intertwine footage of men and women dancing provocatively, delivering scenes where genders mix and mess with our heads for a couple of seconds. We see hands all over bodies, pink stuff dripping, gold chains, cigars, and three minutes of booty. There’s even a booty totem! VFRO himself also appears for brief periods of time, cup in hand, looking elusive. But the focus is definitely on the bodies and their movements, making this a sexy-as-hell video.