Get Your ‘Twin Peaks’ Fix With Vuelveteloca’s Eerie Road Trip Video for “Terror”

Take a ride on a road to perdition, followed by ghosts haunting your vision. It’s a premise that may not be the most inviting in real life, but makes perfect sense when paired with the song “Terror” by Vuelveteloca.

Chile’s psych rock domination continues, thanks to another act that’s making waves. Vuelveteloca has a fresh new take on this sound, something that makes them stand head and shoulders above more retro-minded acts. They’ve toured Europe this year in support of their fourth studio album Pantera, released in March by BYM Records.

The song puts you in the driver’s seat of a car on a drive to nowhere, lit by only one headlight. The opening scene is puzzling and could have been lifted from Twin Peaks. It informs the rest of the clip, as we drive along the highway, dusk falling ahead of us and spirits wandering on the side of the road.

It’s a great complement to the track, a syncopated guitar jam with strong desert rock vibes. It’s an epic of beauty and power, with plenty of instrumental flights that build the mood of the song. The video was created and produced by La Oficina Imaginaria and directed by Cristián Pian, who has handled clips by Fármacos, Martin Pescador, and La Mano Ajena, among others.

Vuelveteloca is set to perform at En Orbita Festival in Chile.