Wasted Fates’ ‘The .NET is Dead’ Is an Homage to the Graveyard of 90s Internet Culture

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Monterrey-based Wasted Fates’ music is clearly heavily influenced by the Internet, especially its early origins of mass consumption in the 90s. One look at the computer artwork he creates to accompany his beats says it all, with neon colors, faux-3-D, and references to platforms of the past (his latest work features a tombstone for Internet Explorer on a bed of pink grass). Even though you’ll feel nostalgic for the AOL dial-up noise while peeping some of his clever works on his Tumblr, his music definitely still has a futuristic vibe to it – kind of like what we imagined the future would be like back in the 90s (in my case, basically like that cartoon ReBoot).

Wasted Fates’ latest project for Extasis Records, The .NET is Dead, is a 50-minute set of original beats and remixes, including a well-received edit of grime artist Partisan’s “Angelic Flux Fermata.” The sounds alternate from dark and harrowing to mystical and dreamlike, calling on grime and early hardcore influences for a final product that sounds like the soundtrack to a killer Nintendo 64-era video game (or in the artist’s own terms, “#cumwave”).

Check out Wasted Fates’ SoundCloud for The .NET is Dead in its entirety, and also be sure to check out some of his trippy art on Tumblr, Instagram and Vimeo.