AAAA’s “Blackfish” Dons 3D Animation for Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Daniel Patlan

One of the most buzz-worthy producers to come out of the current Mexican electronic music scene is definitely AAAA. We still can’t get over his Boiler Room set last year and his album Shiva Watts, which was originally released by Maligna and is now getting a vinyl re-release on German imprint Antime.

Off that album comes a great track called “Blackfish,” which recently got the video treatment with truly amazing results. Made by Luis Antonio Tovar Salas, a.k.a. LATS, the music video is an eye-catching 3D animation that sets a journey through an ever-morphing fractal organism. The camera continuously explores the living surface of the entity and its shifting and diverse textures, something that goes perfectly with the textural work present in the song. Almost four minutes pass by without you noticing, since the video draws all attention while the hypnotic arpeggiated synth line morphs as the song progresses.