Watch Andrés Gualdrón y Los Animales Blancos’ Video “Braulio,” Released After Their Triumphant Return From Tour in Argentina

Andrés Gualdrón y Los Animales Blancos just got back from their recent tour in Argentina, and they released a brand new video to celebrate their triumphant return to their country. “Braulio” is one of the standout tracks from their last year album, Ciervo de dos cabezas, which was their first as a fully-formed band. Its music video, directed by Diego Fernández, brings very fitting visuals to the odd, Trout Mask Replica-meets-Colombia vibes of the song.

Here, we can find the band members being whacky in front of a white background, juxtaposed with footage of what seems to be VHS-processed images of old Colombian TV shows. So this is all colors, blurs, static and poor tracking, and a lot of post-production work, courtesy of Felipe Vallejo. And, of course, we have Gualdrón, spitting his surrealistic lyrics in his own signature way of rapping/singing. Trippy stuff right here.