Ases Falsos Deliver a Perfect Impression of 80s Adult Contemporary Cliches in Video for “Cae La Cortina”

From the very first frame of Chilean band Ases Falsos‘ new music video for “Cae La Cortina,” you know you’re in for a kitschy, guilty pleasure, 80s adult-contemporary ride. The band, dressed in black, stand on a white set that has been illuminated like a suburban mall portrait studio. At their feet, lies a tiger.


With their exaggerated smoldering gazes and gestures, Cristobal Briceño and the rest of the band deliver George Michael in “Careless Whisper”-level cheesy sensuality. Watch all the way through to see Briceño drop the mic with a falsetto that brings him to the ground.

Don’t forget Ases Falsos will perform on both the Mexican (June 3rd) and Chilean (July 31st) editions of this year’s Festival Neutral.