Watch: El Dusty’s “Trapanera” (feat. Erick Rincón)

One thing about El Dusty: he knows how to throw a party. The music video for “Trapanera,” Dusty’s collaborative track with Mexican wünderkid Erick Rincón, continues the streak he started with “K Le Pasa” – and that streak is puro pinche pari. Set at a massive pool party, filled with men and women with their cholo looks on point, the crowd goes crazy to the beat of the tribal and trap mix that is the track.

And right in the middle we see Dusty behind the decks, surrounded by water guns, hula-hoops, breakdancers, and divers with waterproof cams. But Erick Rincón is nowhere to be found. He’s probably watching this somewhere, feeling very jealous.

“Trapanera” is out now on Universal/AfterCluv.