Watch: Endgame x Kamixlo’s Video for “Sniper Redux” (feat. Blaze Kidd and Uli K)

Endgame‘s”Destiny Riddim” was one of the stand out tracks on Staycore’s recent (and great) compilation SUMMER JAMS 2K15. Golden Mist Records put out the London producer’s self-titled debut EP last month, and it included a different riddim; his interpretation of kizomba in the form of a track called “Sniper Riddim.” Also included was a redux version of the song, featuring Ecuadorian MC Blaze Kidd, vocalist Uli K, and additional production by Kamixlo.

The video for “Sniper Redux” is as casual as it is confusing. Here we see all the people involved in the track riding in the back of a car, drinking vodka, and often checking their phones, with the occasional use of strobe lights and slow-motion shots. Blaze Kidd deliver his lines in a sort of naïve way, and it contrasts with Uli K’s verse, which feels very dark, especially when he sings “no me importa lo que digan ellos/quiero sentir tus manos en mi cuello.”

Speaking of darkness, peep the creepy ass white contact lens Endgame’s wearing in his right eye.