Gepe Turns Up the Romance in “TKM” Video

Who knew Gepe was such a player? Following the ostentatious and over-the-top “Hambre” music video, directed by award-winning Ian Pons Jewell and featuring none other than Wendy Sulca, the Chilean singer/songwriter takes a step back, production-wise, on his new single, “TKM,” also part of his forthcoming 6th album, Estilo Libre.

This time under the direction of Luciano Rubio, the “TKM” video is simple and full of charm. It occurs mostly over a white background in a studio, and here we can see Gepe playing a cuatro and engaging in the old art of seduction. He plays around with four different women, including actresses Isidora Urrejola, Angela Linero, and Florencia Astorga, plus musician Manuela Baldovino, looking for romance, while the girls dance, headbang, toy around with objects and his face. They also sing along to the song, which has a romantic sort of reggae-pop feel – as pop as he’s ever been, in fact – which is very much in line with some of the songs found on his GP album. In the end, the ladies are shown in their bedrooms, just smiling and being themselves, giving us a very intimate feel.

Gepe’s Estilo Libre will be out later this year on Quemasucabeza. He’s also got a busy schedule, which include the Mexican edition of Festival Neutral this week in Mexico City, as well as a show in New York as part of the LAMC on July 9th.