Watch Hip Hop Trio The Guadaloops’ Visually-Striking Outing for “El Tiempo”

We’re still living in the times of The Guadaloops’ brilliant full-length album De Locos y Monstruos and here’s the second single from the album to prove it.

“El Tiempo” is one of the most inspired moments in the tracklist of said album, featuring a mutoid beat with synths that sound like detuning strings and a slow building hook with just a hint of trip-hop. It’s one of the most forward thinking tunes in the bunch and now it gets the video treatment.

Like their last visual outing —the sensual and smooth “Ven”— women take the center stage, but this time the setting is more mysterious and iconic, you could even call it sinister. Washes of black contrast pale settings, while characters in ritualistic clothes do about suspicious stuff. Even the ocean is tinted black for “El Tiempo.”

Check out the visually striking document right here.