Los Mundos Are At Their Heaviest With “Bestial” 

Mexico’s Los Mundos are back with yet another release, only seven months after they put out their Dios es Fuzz EP. No Hay Quien Se Salve, the band’s third full length out now on Abstrakt Muzak, shows Luis Ángel Martínez and Alejandro Elizondo at their heaviest yet, and their new single, “Bestial,” exemplifies this best. Long gone are their shoegaze years, now favoring sounds closer to sludge and hard rock.

“Bestial” also has an accompanying music video, directed by Rodrigo Dávila, and it’s a trippy set of visuals that would make Jodorowsky proud. Two guys dressed as bearded old dudes go from enemies to friends in the middle of a deserted road, right before meeting their new savior in the form of an alien. He gives some to drink from a cup, as if it were an interplanetary Eucharist, and they turn into aliens, too. Sounds weird? It is, and it all happens in a natural setting where the colors are modified, so the rivers are violet and the sky is pink. Stoner visuals for a stoner rock song