Matías Aguayo Choreographed a Dance Tutorial for “Bay A Sali Bolando 121 BPM”

Matías Aguayo has prepared something that will guarantee us hours and hours of party tunes. He recently released Round One of his new Cómeme series called El Rudo del House, and it’s packed with techno-tinted house grooves made especially for DJs and dancers. And because the Chilean producer leads by example, he is introducing the series concept with a dance moves demonstration in the form of a music video for Round One’s extract, “Bay A Sali Bolando 121 BPM.”

The video, directed by Sally Sibbet, features a masked Aguayo as El Rudo del House, backed by two more dancers in masks over a colorful studio setting. He actually choreographed the video, alongside Alexandra Green, and the beat is so contagious you may want to join them and follow the steps.