Get Possessed by the Psycho-Sexual Power of Plants in Meneo’s “Su Su Suave”

Guatemala-born, Madrid-based producer and on-stage nudist Meneo is ready for his Sónar Barcelona debut this Saturday 20th, and he just dropped this little summer gem to prepare your body for what’s to come at his show, with visuals and everything. It delivers a serious WTF moment.

Su Su Suave” is included in Meneo‘s Y Su Banda Ancha EP, which he just released through Spanish imprint Subterfuge, and it’s perfectly suited for this hot season. The music video is a super bizarre “psycho-vegetable session.” Here, Meneo personifies a sort of botanical guru, performing a ritual through which his pupils get possessed by the spirits of plants, making them dance out of control, and also very horny. But there’s just one guy, played by actor Eduardo Casanova, who seem to be immune to the plants’ powers, but he ends up catching it on the street.

Dance with Meneo on the SonarCar stage at Sónar Barcelona this June 20th.