Presidente Directs Panzer’s Standout “El Disco es Cultura” 

Venezuelan imprint Entorno Doméstico is a label we love, even though it hasn’t been very active in the last couple of months. One of their latest releases, put out in conjunction with Moderno Records, was Incisiva Realidad, the debut album of a great up-and-coming band from Maracaibo called Panzer, and it has unfairly flown under the radar. To help bring the attention back to them, they just released a music video for their new single, the standout track “El Disco es Cultura.”

Directed by Heberto Ánez Novoa—who also records as Presidente and is a member of tlx—the video looks very simple, but it definitely must have taken a lot of work. Splashes of color and brushstrokes plague the screen, changing patterns and configuration as the song progresses, never having a frame stay still. The abstract figures appear, disappear, flip, rotate, and move forward and backwards, almost looking like they pop out and into your face. And since the song—which sounds like splendorous ’90s indie rock–-is so dynamic and structurally unexpected, you’ll never get bored.