Watch Porter’s Amazing Indigenous-Inspired Video for “Huitzil”

Porter shared their video for “Huitzil” and our first reaction is WHOA. Honestly.

The already massive momentum of the song’s chorus achieves at a new level of euphoria when brought to life by children running in the woods escaping from the dark-clothed white-faced riders.

The video is a magnificent metaphor for both the inner and external battles we endure for rescuing love (the song lyrics’ theme) but is also a great reinterpretation of the battle between natives and conquerors present in “La Danza de los Diablitos,” a traditional indigenous dance that has many variants across Mexico’s territory (the Huitzil version being just one of them) and even other cultures, like the Costa Rican Boruca people.

With its great storytelling and cinematography, this video is a strong candidate for the year-end video list.

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