Watch This Punk Quartet Terrorize the Streets of Buenos Aires in “Los Pibe” Video

Have you ever seen a video by a band and thought “that, right there, it’s exactly what they are all about”? I think it’s difficult to make a music video for a band that successfully makes it clear their intentions and what their music is trying to say. If I was forced to give an example, I can’t think of a better candidate than “Los Pibe” by Los Rusos Hijos de Puta.

The poetically named quartet from Buenos Aires take to the world to confront it with their viscerally fun punk-infused music. On the video for the raucous “Los Pibe,” the band take to the streets, the shopping mall, and the bus to wreck shit and get in people’s faces with their craft. There’s something beautiful when you see frontwoman Luludot Viento screaming lyrics with prominent use of the words “ojete” and “mierda” in front of old people and children. You can clearly see the four members of the band rejoice in their mayhem. Naturally, the video ends with the band leaving when the law is summoned.

It’s fresh to see a band invested in their art and being fun without a safety net. Although we hear the studio version of “Los Pibe” on the video, we see them carrying small amps whenever they go, so we can only imagine what it was like to see them on public transportation, playing their song live to their unsuspecting audience. I’m weirdly concerned if they were in tune when they were playing at the mall.