Watch System Error’s Eye-Frying, Mind-Bending Live A/V Set at Sonido Inconsciente 2015

This is it, fellows! It’s time for our 2015 taste of the All My Friends Festival. Starting this Friday, the music, arts, and food whirlwind that is AMF will invade Rosarito, Baja California, and bring you three days of assured fun. The line-up includes Latin acts like Protistas, DJ Nombre Apellido, 424, San Pedro El Cortez, and many more, as well as Teklife’s DJ Spinn and Taso, Kingdom, La Famme… You get the point.

Mexican duo System Error are in charge of closing the Jardín stage this Saturday the 20th, and in anticipation of their live set they are sharing a 30-minute audiovisual piece as a preview of how weird their shows can get. It starts with a creepy processed voice talking nonsense about Hugo Chávez, and next thing you know, it’s asking everyone to get naked. What follows is a sonic assault of techno rhythms, ambient textures, noise, and nervous synth lines, accompanied by eye-frying colorful visuals that change incessantly (shout out to the old-school Windows 95 screensaver vibe). Before you know it, you’ll get sucked into their world. A world where, we presume, are some mind-altering substances are involved.

Don’t miss System Error performing live this June 20th on the Jardín stage at the All My Friends Festival.