Pional Teams Up With Poet for Heart-Melting “Just Us”

Now, this is one little surprise, right here. Pional, the Madrilenian producer who caught our attention with his John Talabot work and his great house-influenced tracks, just shared a song from his new music project. Taurus is a collaborative effort between him and London-based writer, poet, and director, Sofia Mattioli, and it sounds like nothing Pional has put out before on his own.

Just Us” is a beautiful track that’s closer to the mellowest dream-pop sounds than to the dance floor. The strength of the song is found in its subtleties. The programming is very straightforward and minimal, leaving enough space for the vocals to shine, which might sound simple at the beginning, but Mattioli keeps adding harmonies to her own voice progressively.

As for its music video, it was directed by Manson, who also directed Pional’s “It’s All Over.” It’s actually a very simplistic lyric video, where the words appear in a handwriting style of font on top of a pink background, referencing the work of Cy Twombly. The idea is kind of cool, because one of the song’s highlights is the lyrics reciting a love story. “If life was just your touch/There’s nothing I would rush,” she sings romantically, as you feel your heart melt with every word.