Watch Torreblanca’s Interactive, 360° Video for “Sabotaje” feat. (me llamo) Sebastián

It looks like the guys from Torreblanca are on a race to release a music video for each of the songs from their latest album, El Polvo en la Luz. They have already put out visuals for “1000 Fantasmas,” “Hubo Valor,” “El Gran Adiós,” and “Como un amigo,” and now they have something special in store for their collaboration with Chilean singer/songwriter, (me llamo) Sebastián, called “Sabotaje.”

Frontman Juan Manuel Torreblanca and Sebastián are no strangers to dancing –just check out their videos for “Hubo Valor” and “La Fiesta,” respectively – and and here you can see their moves in 360°. In this interactive piece, we find them in a room with a bunch of dancers dressed in black, doing choreography to the beat of the song. You can use your mouse to move the camera around and watch different angles, making it feel like you’re watching a different take every time. It’s a shame Björk released a video with a similar concept only days before, talk about bad timing.

Torreblanca are heading up to New York City this July 9th for the Latin Alternative Music Conference, so make sure you go see them live.