“Changes” Is a Sneak Peek at the Supercharged Pop of Mexico City’s Wet Baes

Lead Photo: Photo by Sebastian Malchik Gómez
Photo by Sebastian Malchik Gómez
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Back in 2015, a young producer named Andrés Jaime caught our attention as Wet Baes with the release of his first EP Youth Attraction. The project embraced heavy and unfiltered 80s nostalgia, a notable contrast to Wet Baes’ actual age of 18. In the following months, the Juan Soto protégé went on to release SoundCloud loosies and remixes, played with his side band Affer, and produced for artists like Girl Ultra. Now he’s ready for his close-up, as his debut album Changes is set to drop on March 17.

It takes just one spin of lead single “Changes” to realize that the title fully captures Jaime in this moment. This is a side of the Mexican producer we hadn’t really seen before, one that swaps delicious 80s R&B kitsch for French flair. The slick bass line, the effective bounce of that palm-muted two-note guitar riff, and the sassy vocals all evoke an inimitable elegance. What a way for Wet Baes to let us know he’s changed.

Make sure you catch Wet Baes’ upcoming live performances at Bahidorá, SXSW, and Pal Norte.

Wet Baes’ Changes is out March 17.