Whitest Taino Alive Put Emerging Dominican Producers on the Map with New Remix Album

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Back in May, we announced that Dominican troublemakers Whitest Taino Alive were putting together a collection of remixes from their latest album, the awesome ¿Dónde Jugarán Los Cueros? We also shared one of the upcoming tracks: Yelram Selectah‘s electropop take on “Selena.” Well, great news: they finally dropped ¿Dónde Jugarán Los Cueros? Los Remixes, and it features reinterpretations from seven different beatmakers, with a special emphasis on local and up-and-coming Dominican producers.

Album single “Burlao” appears twice here, reworked by Freaky Philip and Marvin Marlyn. The former, a fellow producer from la isla, doesn’t take it that far from the original’s grandeur and trap beat, injecting occasional dembow loops to spice it up a little. On the other hand, Marvin Marlyn’s edit is way more inventive, taking the song to a whole different place. The Stereoptico signee flipped it into a playful R&B-infused pop track with a funky feel.

Sociedad Airport crafted a more obvious interpretation of “Cloudy Quisqueya” and its title, simplifying the beat and wrapping everything in a thick layer of foggy synth pads, deconstructing the acapella and highlighting the word “cloud,” whose pitch he manipulates throughout the whole song. Then, Babyfunk brings it back home, turning “Mi Bandera” into a merengue party dressed with some 80s funk synth fills here and there.

Costa Rica’s Raido gives us something that’s miles away from the latest remix we’ve heard from him, which was an 80s-inspired reinterpretation of Clubz’s “Épocas.” Here, he drenches the high frequency range with spikey pads that are almost white noise, and the low end with an incessant kick drum that resembles footwork, leaving enough space right in the middle for the rap, which he pitched down. It’s all pretty remarkable. Finally, Dirk Largo, who WTA highlighted on the “D.R.’s Electronic Underground Artists to Watch” list they made for us, starts off his remix of “Hookiao” with a lengthy intro that builds up to a techno transformation of the track. It doesn’t resemble the original at all, only using bits from the vocals, and it stands out from the rest of the contributions.

There’s something for everyone on ¿Dónde Jugarán Los Cueros? Los Remixes, so grab it for free while you still can.