Whitest Taino Alive Admit Culos Run the World on New Single “Mi Musa”

Great news for all the fans of chopería fina out there: the Whitest Taino Alive crew is back. The Dominican hip-hop trio announced the release of their hilariously titled second full-length Manda Nudes, set to drop on April 17. With their clever flows and crass rhymes, WTA has created a world of its own, one that is lyrically devoted to women and the turn up. Musically, they thicken the trap template with chunky electronic textures, which set them apart from the crowd. On “Mi Musa,” the first preview of the album, they dive deeper into their world of witticisms, but definitely loosen up their sound, letting their lyrical cheekiness shine.

Let’s put it this way: “Mi Musa” is a straightforward ode to culos. Who’s that muse they rap about? Culos. What images flash across the screen in the music video? Culos. This isn’t X-rated, but a playful, almost silly, and definitely comical trap number full of Dominican slang and basketball references that set the record straight on the importance nalgas have in their lives. On the production level, Cohoba replaces his layered synths with sharp, chopped up vocal samples, making the beat blast louder.

The accompanying visuals are comprised mostly of shots in the recording studio, alternated with found footage that masterfully accentuates the lyrics, including images of vintage basketball games, gymnastics, wrestling matches, and (you guessed it) culos.

Manda Nudes is out April 17 on Stereoptico.