Whitest Taino Alive Bring La Vibra Criolla on “La Zona Oriental,” Announce New EP

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A new release by Whitest Taino Alive is always promising. In “La Zona Oriental,” the Dominican rappers deliver another track in which they infuse now-global trap beats with their local flavor. A loop that’s reminiscent of old kung fu movies creeps and chugs throughout the song, but some maniacal (and almost shamanic) congas make an appearance in the chorus, which, along with its lyrics, make the song an instant anthem (“Llego el Taino, chopo pero fino”).

“La Zona Oriental” is WTA’s lead single from their self-titled EP, coming out through Stereoptico on November 4. The tracklist gives the impression that other Asian references will appear in this material, but it’s also clear their usual play on words hasn’t gone anywhere.

Catch the full tracklist below: