Wiki & Nasty Nigel Fight Crime and Expensive Blunt Wrappers in the “Livin’ With My Moms” Video

Ratking frontman Wiki and World’s Fair crew member Nasty Nigel embody the dichotomy of the millennial condition in their stellar new video for “Livin’ With My Moms.” The track is all about living the life as a respected indie MC on tour, only to come home to your parents’ house and have to smoke weed out the window or risk the wrath of the chancla.

In keeping with the lightheartedness of the song, the Alon Sicherman-directed video finds Wiki and Nigel packing up to hit the road, only to have their superhero alter egos called into action when evil forces threaten everything they love. How do you hit a 20-something rapper where it hurts? Kidnap his mother and raise the price of blunt wrappers, of course.

Wiki and Nigel have memorable turns in the video (as do their real life moms), rife with cheesy, 60s Batman-esque fight sequences, killer costumes (Wiki’s is a hybrid of the Puerto Rican and Irish flags, a nod to his ancestry) and a good-prevails-over-evil ending. Not to mention, the Black Noi$e-produced track itself makes for some excellent listening, with the two New York MCs displaying a chemistry reminiscent of Ghostface and Raekwon.

Wiki will release his debut solo LP lil me on December 7.