Willy Disco Samples Old School Bachata, Steel Drums, and Cheap Synths on Debut EP

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Hailing from Vega Alta, Puerto Rico, Willy Disco is a rapper out for number one, no matter what. Chácharas y Pelambreras is his calling card and, judging by it, he has a lot to say.

Willy is not afraid to present himself to the world, hustling for what he wants and always carrying a sense of humour and devil-may-care attitude. His enthusiasm and good mood is contagious throughout each of his songs. Chácharas y Pelambreras is also an eclectic mix of sounds that demonstrate Willy’s range, from the cumbia/old school bachata rhythms of “El Pozo,” to the reggae stylings of “Ella (La Baby),” to the laidback ’90s G-Funk attitude and catchiness of “El Del Piso de Arriba.” “Somos Buenos Pero No Servimos” might be his best work here, a steel drum and cheap synths-sampling track with a chorus that sounds like little else out there, winking to the past but looking for something new.

Keep an eye out for Willy Disco, there’s promise lurking among these goodies.