“Woranait” Marks Nine Technoguapachoso Years Of Frikstailers’ Reign

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Although it seems like it was just yesterday when the supreme lords of intergalactic cumbia came floating into our lives, Argentina’s Frikstailers are celebrating nine years of technologically-damaged guaracha, and to celebrate, they share with us, mere mortals in their presence, a new track.

“Woranait” is a classic example of what makes Frikstailers such a hit with their crowd. A cumbia andina tweaked out by (what we imagine is) acid soaked software, the song has a raw aesthetic peppered with chanting that almost sounds tribal. It proves the duo of Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona are still hitting the right keys, time notwithstanding.

Frikstailers continue their (seemingly) non stop tour, which just saw them perform in Australia in many high profile events, including a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit. This year should be a big one and “Woranait” is surely the beginning of a massive party everyone should be able to attend.

Get the song here: