XIII Paint a Post-Punk Portrait of San Luis Potosí in the Montage Video for “Desprecio”

I remember going to San Luis Potosí as a kid and instantly feeling the drastic change from Tijuana’s chaotic and culturally diverse environment. It felt insular, conservative, and safe. It must be nice to grow up there, but brutal if you want to find a voice to express yourself outside of the norm.

San Luis’ XIII, or Trece, have spent the last five years or so polishing their hybrid take on post-rock, metal, and grunge. For their latest, a self-titled EP, they’ve enlisted the help of Testa Estudio, a recording studio in León, Guanajuato run by a guy nicknamed “KB” who interned for Steve Albini in Chicago. The band’s sad-as-fuck aesthetic combines perfectly with the brutal and stark recording style.

Watch the video for “Desprecio,” edited in vignettes from the band’s everyday life in their hometown. It is as sweet as it is depressing, and fits perfectly with the band’s massive sound.