Exclusive Premiere: Y La Bamba’s “Mujeres” Video Mounts a Percussive, Electronic Tribute To The Stronger Sex

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy the artist
Photo courtesy the artist
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Do you drink, woman? Does it sate you? Y La Bamba posits that you can, and it will, with the reliably uplifting track “Mujeres” off this year’s album of the same name. The song is likely best consumed while you’re throwing yourself around in your bedroom, rhythmically, in the full bloom of your womanly powers! Such is the power of a thunderous line of percussion and a driving, persistent chant. (Another favorite line: “Palabras que vienen de otro, otro golpe a nadie/Separándonos de todo, todos son culpables.”)

“I originally wrote this song after one too many uncomfortable incidents that had been keeping me thinking a lot. The process of dismantling patriarchy, and connecting with my motherhood has been a painful and empowering experience. So much that I had to sit down…I sat down that evening and thought a lot about my mother and our shared experience as women,” Y La Bamba, real name Luz Elena Mendoza tells Remezcla.

“This song has been guiding itself into the strongest voice that is within me,” she adds.

If you haven’t reached your fill on music specifically designed to yawp the praises of we, the stronger sex – you’re not wrong if you’ve been overwhelmed by brand-driven takeover of our #mood of late – “Mujeres” will fall on your ears with a certain power. As ever, bandleader and vocalist Luz Elena Mendoza’s voice provides the sonic rendezvous point between the geographic lands of her life, Portland, Oregon and Michoacán, and morphs into an instrument itself amid the ringer musicians she brought in to work on the album.

The moisture theme is echoed in the single’s video, which is worth watching for a cropped sweatshirt dance sequence in icey winter puddles and brief sightings of spicy feminist graffiti missives.

“The [solo dancer scene] was shot in Portland Oregon in the winter. I wasn’t there for the scene but I know that the intention is to shine the light on our beauty and presence. It’s a mantra of self empowerment,” Mendoza says.

“All Men Will Fall” and “Rage Kills Eros” scripts aptly sum up a certain womanly end days spirt. Am I right, ladies?

Watch the video here, and find Y La Bamba’s tour dates below:

Y La Bamba Tour Dates

7/11 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

7/15 – Cafe Du Nord – San Francisco, CA
7/16 – Lowbrau – Sacramento, CA
7/18 – (le) Poisson Rouge – New York, NY
7/19 – The Music Loft – Portsmouth, NH
7/20 – ArtsRiot – Burlington, VT
7/21 – Milkboy Arthouse – College Park, MD
7/27 – Xponential Music Festival – Camden, NJ
7/28 – Underground Music Showcase – Denver, CO
8/22 – Great Garden Escape – Boise, ID
8/30 – Bumbershoot – Seattle, WA