¥€$O’s $ØNARmixxx ✔Expands Juke’s Sonic And Visual Expectations

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Though very little is known about the actual identities of Barcelona-based duo ¥€$O, what we do know is that their “Balearic juke”-heavy and just-released “$ØNARmixxx ✔” is a blend of Chicago footwork, juke, trap, bizarre vocal samples and tons of ambient vibes. For example, a track like “Currando” feature the sound of Will Smith praising his own work ethic mixed into a frenetic-paced and bass-heavy dance floor workout. The mix celebrates ¥€$O playing Barcelona’s famed SONAR Festival this weekend (June 18-20), and serves as a preview of their live set. Regarding their 3:30-4:30 AM set on the festival’s final day, they do plan on using unique “apparatus” for the performance, which will likely feature fanciful and frenetic digital-age friendly video graphics.