Yill Fights Love Spells With Her Own Magic on R&B Single “Brujería”

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist
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Just in time for Halloween, we present you the newest single from Monterrey singer Yill – a bewitched video, premiering here at Remezcla. Born to a Dominican father, the Mexican artist juggles with her diverse influences, from pop and R&B to Caribbean music. She has already collaborated with the likes of BrunOG and Alemán, and her name is quickly bubbling up in the national R&B scene. This time, it’s Washi Hana and Profff’s turn to get on the production duties, as they worked with Yill on her track “Brujería.”

On “Brujería,” Yill sings about a romance gone sour to the point of being irreparable, but it inexplicably reels her back in again and again, as if she were under a spell. Her mood constantly swings back and forth during the song; she longs for her partner but she’s aware of how she has to distance herself from the relationship, and she even considers fighting back with her own “hocus pocus,” as she calls it. Washi Hana and Profff’s driving beat and funky bass line also works as some sort of dance sorcery, and it’s hard to resist it.

The Adrián Méndez-directed visuals for “Brujería” take on the more esoteric interpretation of the song, and it shows images of Yill surrounded by herbs, candles, and artifacts, performing a ritual to get rid, once and for all, of the love spell she’s under. We don’t know whether it worked out or not in the end, but if it did, we want the recipe, and step-by-step instructions.

Watch Brujería here: