Youngster Ferraz Gives Venezuela’s Electronic Scene A Fresh Face with “XTC”

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Venezuelan youngster Ferraz is giving the country’s electronic scene a fresh face with his lush, soulful, and pop-fueled sound. The first proof we’ve got is his debut EP, 1977, released a couple of months ago through Cocobass. And then there’s the EP he produced for fellow Venezuelan duo Marti Ann. Now, he just uploaded a new single, and it sounds like he’s really pushing it towards the right direction.

On “XTC,” his first release on the european label Yunison Records, Ferraz surrounds himself with a couple of special collaborators, starting with the aforementioned Marti Ann, and also Roberto Castillo from Telegrama on those funky guitars, and Sunsplash on additional production. From the very start, when the soul synth chords and the Diana Ross sample appear, we know that the star is Ferraz and, with the added vocals and guitars, this is his poppiest moment to date. This is a hit combination, right here.