PXXR GVNG’s Yung Beef Channels Lana Del Rey in the Moody “Ready Pa Morir” Video

PXXR GVNG are taking over 2015 with their purple beats and pure trap attitude, traveling beyond their stomping ground in Spain and getting their name out in Latin America and the U.S. Not only are they busy with their main project as well as their straight up reggaeton offshoot La Mafia Del Amor, the crew has slowly taken its time to develop individual projects. Now it’s Yung Beef’s turn to go in.

“Ready Pa Morir” comes off Beef’s A.D.R.O.M.I.C.F.M.S. 2 mixtape. It’s a trap ballad in which he croons about life’s existential questions, all sung in an auto-tuned melody and a patented Steve Lean beat. The video is fittingly dismal, with Yung Beef (who “a.k.a.”s himself here as Lana Del Rey) roaming the ruins of a house in the middle of the woods in search for himself. He’s accompanied by two blonde models who may or may not be figments of his imagination or spirits dwelling in the ruins. By the end of the clip, Beef has an encounter with himself, and the results are not so cheery.

Beef and his Gvng aren’t about to slow down. They’re preparing for an appearance at this year’s edition of Raymondstock on Saturday, October 3, at Foro Indie Rocks in Mexico City.