ZutZut Takes La Insuperable’s Energetic Dembow to the Darkside on “Jala”

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We can’t help but be enamored with this new blend by another bootleg king from Mexico, NAAFI’s ZutZut. The cut of this sample from Chimbala and La Insuperable’s “Damelo” feels like its going to go somewhere typically hype, but it’s a smart, mind-bending twist into baile funk territory, perfect as a transition from energetic dembow to darker, moodier vibes.

Being that the producer’s “Tu No Tiene View” was in steady rotation over the Remezcla HQ speakers last year (check out the mention in Our 30 Favorite Songs of 2014 roundup), we’re willing to place a bet that ZutZut’s technique of bending “over a decade of bastard pop and xenomania” to his will is well-positioned to continue making bold, mutant cultural observations in 2015.