Zutzut Flips MC Bin Laden’s “Tá Tranquilo Tá Favorável” into a Cloudy Club Track

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Monterrey-based N.A.A.F.I crew affiliate Zutzut shared his take on Brazilian rhymer MC Bin Laden‘s “Tá Tranquilo Tá Favorável” this week, and it’s the most haunting and intense turnt down baile funk anthem you’ll hear all day. Bin Laden’s forceful rhyming tenor, even without baile funk breaks, still provides the heat. However, when a solitary slurring synth occupies the bassline, the feel of the track swings from dance party to mystical journey. We briefly get some of the aforementioned breaks in the track, but by that point they’re only there to serve as a counterpoint to the stark feel of most of the remixed track. If you want to hear this track live, the N.A.A.F.I crew will be back in NYC on October 3 at Trans Pecos, alongside the Mixpak label collective, Mumdance, and more.