Premiere: ZZK Records Celebrates 8 Years of Digital Cumbia with El Buho & Barrio Lindo’s EP

A long time ago in a barrio far, far away, music maestros El Buho (Robin Perkins) and Barrio Lindo (Agustin Rivaldo) made name for themselves on separate occasions at Zizek Club. This week, the club celebrates its 8th anniversary with the release of History Of Colour, an EP that unites the two for the first time…sort of.

The two have never met in-person despite being neighbors in Buenos Aires for a time. Odds are, however, that they walked by each other as total strangers on the dance floor or in the bathroom at Zizek Club. The duo composed the six-track album by trading and swapping music files online, and the result is no less magical with the duo’s marriage of electronic music, strands of folklore, and natural sounds for a very chill and relaxing affair.

“It just seemed natural to try and make some tunes together, to see what happened,” explain the duo. “It is very rare that you find another musician that compliments your own sound, even more so half way across the world, sharing different backgrounds, different inspirations and different surroundings.”

Listen to an exclusive track premiere of “Orinoco” here, and head over the ZZK digital headquarters for the full EP.