Cardi B Dropped $20K on a Backyard Playset for Her Kids — & It’s Just What We Expect

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Cardi B is known for being over the top, which is why many love her. As a mom, she has shown the world that she will spare no expense for her children to give them the best life she can give them. Recently, the entertainer showed off the $20,000 playset she got for her kids, and it’s a must-see.

“Y’all know when it comes to my kids, Imma give them the world,” Cardi B said in a Twitter video showing off the playset.

The playset, made in collaboration with King Swings, has everything a kid would need to play for hours. There are four slides, a playhouse with a porch, a tunnel leading to a ball pit filled with green balls, and a swing set. All put together creates an incredible jungle gym for Kulture and Wave.

Fans have come to expect these over-the-top gifts for her kids. Earlier this year, Cardi B threw Kulture an elaborate Super Mario Bros.-themed birthday party with actors in costume to make the world come to life for her daughter.

Let us remember that she also got a face tattoo to show her excitement for her son Wave. At the end of 2022, Cardi B showed a reddish-brown tattoo on her chin in honor of her son, prominently displayed in her and Offset’s McDonald’s ad.

This latest gesture aligns with what’s expected of Cardi B to do for her daughter after she bought her a $100,000 necklace in 2019. The diamond-studded necklace includes characters from Word Party, Kulture’s favorite show at the time.

Clearly, Cardi B was serious when she said she would give her kids the world. She has done so much to provide them with the best life she can, and we can only imagine how they will cherish these memories in the future.