Woman Allegedly Used Takis to Start House Fire – Yes, You Read That Right

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A woman in Missouri was arrested and charged with arson after she allegedly burned down a house by lighting an iconic Mexican snack on fire and tossing it into a pile of clothes she covered in gasoline. Earlier this month, Patricia Williams, 42, told police officers that she used the Takis tortilla chip because she knew its grease content would make it flammable. Witnesses said they saw Williams pour the gasoline from a soda bottle onto the clothes in the laundry room and light up the Takis chip.

According to the Fox affiliate in Kansas City, three people in the house managed to escape uninjured after Williams intentionally started the fire. It is not known what Williams’ relationship was with the people in the house.

During their investigation, police found Williams on gas station surveillance footage paying for $2 worth of gasoline. She is currently being held in Greene County Jail in Springfield. Her next court appearance is scheduled for September 6, 2023.

Some ingredients in a bag of Takis include corn flour, vegetable oil, citric acid, yeast extract, and natural and artificial flavors. The Takis brand was invented in Mexico in 1999 and introduced to the American market in 2004.