2012's Best Moments In Latino Sports

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1. São Paulo Wins Copa Sudamericana After Tigres Refuse To Play Second Half

This literally happened as I worked on the final edit of this entry. Brazilian club São Paulo “defeated” Argentine club Tigres to win the Copa Sudamericana, the club competition second only to Copa Libertadores, before the second half ever began. Tigres were behind 2 – 0 and refused to return to the field after the break after, as they claim, members of their squad were attacked by members of the security team at Brazil’s Morumbi stadium. Chilean referee Enrique Osses waited for over 30 minutes of regulation time for Tigres to return to the field before handing São Paulo the win.

Further adding to the escandalo is Rubén Pasquini’s, Tigres head of security, claim that a member of stadium security pointed a gun at the chest of Tigres goalie Damián Albil’s chest. More details about this are still coming in but, at this point, all I can say is I hope none of this locura makes its way into the 2014 World Cup.

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2. Peruvian Football League Turns 100, Sporting Cristal Wins Campeonato Descentralizado

Peru’s first division football league, formally known as el Torneo Descentralizado de Fútbol Profesional Peruano, celebrated its 100th birthday this year as Sporting Cristal earned its 16th league title. The team from Lima, and only the second Peruvian team in history to reach Copa Libertadores, won out over Real Garcilaso from Cusco with a goal by Junior Ross in the 25th minute.

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